Get Physical

Physical well-being includes health, physical ability, exercise, sleep and nutrition. Striving for well-being in this dimension includes learning how to improve one’s eating habits, increasing physical activity and finding access to resources that contribute to physical health (e.g., doctors, nutritionists, fitness activities, etc.) Strong physical well-being means one intentionally integrates healthy habits in one’s daily life, works with others to improve physical well-being, and is devoted to identifying an interest or cause related to physical well-being. It also means one has the energy necessary to live a full and engaging life.​


A group of students playing sand volleyball.

Elon University President Connie Ledoux Book walking on campus with faculty and staff members.

Interior view of a large, modern dining hall on Elon's campus.

A group of seven members of the Womens Track and Field team running across the Elon University campus.


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