Finding Your Purpose

Purpose well-being is fulfillment, spiritual meaning, personal identity and vocation. Striving for well-being in this dimension includes exploring how one interacts with the world around them and developing a passion for how they will contribute to their community and the world. Strong purpose well-being means one has developed a personal mission and vision and makes daily choices to pursue their purpose actively. Strong purpose well-being also means that one works with others and the greater community in fulfilling their passions and aspirations.

A group of people gathered outside around an individual holding up a large wooden cross for a Stations of the Cross ceremony.

An Elon student paints at a table for their business at the Marketplace Under the Oaks Pop-Up Shops.

Faculty, staff and students participate in a ceremony with Tibetan Buddhist monks after the completion of a sand mandala.

An Elon Center for Leadership staff member and her apprentice sitting at a table in a conference room working with laptops in front of them.


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