Elon Commemoration Committee Meeting

Minutes for December 5, 3:30-5:00 p.m., Alamance 101

I. Approval of Minutes
II. Name Change
III. Working Groups
IV.  Winter Communication
V.  Spring Schedule

I. Approval of Minutes from November 28 (Attachment)


II. Name Change

Our group’s new name is the Elon Committee on History and Memory.

III. Working Groups

We set the following working groups, after discussion.  Some/all groups will scale up in their membership as the workload increases.  Names with an asterisk (*) indicate the convener for the group.

A. Inventory

1. Creating a record of how we already tell Elon’s story, through not only the written word but also building names, portrait placements, monuments, displays, etc.

2. Members: Chrystal Carpenter*, Brad Moore, Detric Robinson, Andrea Sinn

B. Coordination and Advising

1. Evaluating mechanisms to encourage good work and to guard against damaging or false narratives

2. Members: Brandon Bell*, Cameron Shirley, Jeff Stein

C. Engagement

1. First listening then generating strategies to involve the broader community in conversations

2. Members: Sandra Reid*, Denise Hill, Charles Irons, Jewel Tillman

D. Dissemination

1. Finding ways to preserve and share existing and future good work

2. Members: Keren Rivas

E. Curriculum

1. Supporting faculty efforts to engage Elon’s history and memory through coursework

2. Members: Charles Irons

IV. Winter Communication (Attachment)

We provided feedback on a draft of a winter communication.  The president’s office proposed modest edits, and the draft attached to these minutes reflects those changes.

V. Schedule

A. We set January 2 as the target date for our winter communication.

B. Default spring schedule

1. 1st Wednesday – Working Group Meetings

2. 3rd Wednesday – Full Meeting


  • March 14-16, 2019 – Universities Studying Slavery semi-annual conference (Host: William and Mary’s Lemon Project).  USS will meet on March 14th, and the Lemon Project’s symposium will occur March 15-16.