Karty publishes book, journal articles

Joel Karty, assistant professor of chemistry, recently published an organic chemistry preparation book. Titled “The Nuts and Bolts of Organic Chemistry: A Student’s Guide to Success,” the book is designed to mold students’ thinking before they enter a year-long course in organic chemistry. Published by Benjamin Cummings, the book covers a few fundamental concepts and applies them to various scenarios commonly encountered in the course.

Karty and three Elon undergraduates have co-authored an article in the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Recent graduates Rachel Naumann and Amy Dworkin, along with rising senior Christopher Seigfred, co-authored “Y-aromaticity: Why is the trimethylenemethane dication more stable than the butadienyl dication?” with Karty.

Another article, “Self-assembly and properties of main-chain reversible polymer brushes,” has been published in Advanced Materials 2005. Karty and co-authors J. Kim, Y. Liu, S.J. Ahn, S. Zauscher, Y. Yamanaka and S.L. Craig wrote the article as part of collaborative research at Duke University.