Lynn Heinrichs has Journal Article Accepted

Lynn Heinrichs, Associate Professor of Computing Sciences and Business Administration, has co-authored a paper with a colleague at Nicholls State University which has been accepted for publication in the Fall 2006 issue of the Journal of Computer Information Systems.

An abstract of the article entitled, “IACIS: A Profile of Conferences (1990-2004),” is provided below.


This study examines conference programs of the International Association for Computer Information Systems from 1990-2004. Papers are profiled according to their strategy (research vs. pedagogical) and theme (content focus); institutions are profiled by location (US vs. non-US), type (academic or other), and frequency on program; authorship is examined through number of authors per paper and country of origin for non-US participants. The data revealed definite growth in the number of papers, authors, and institutions associated with the conference. Research papers outweighed pedagogical papers; co-authored papers outweighed single-authored papers. Geographical diversity has increased in terms of number of US states represented. Growth in international participation has possibly leveled off. Non-academic affiliations represent about 5% of all institutions. Program content reflects a wide range of interests by IACIS participants. Results of the study provide a point of reflection on the development of the IACIS organization.