Volunteer needed for documentary film

We are a small production company here in San Diego currently working on

a new documentary film, the subject of which is minor league baseball.

We have an opportunity for an intern to assist us with some video taping

in the Burlington, NC area. This is a great opportunity for someone to

get hands-on experience in documentary filmmaking as they will be

working closely with the producer of the film. This is a very flexible

internship and can be done around the individual’s schedule,

approximately one day of shooting. This position will consist of some

city establishing coverage and covering the Burlington Indians baseball

stadium and taping during the baseball game. The season begins June 15

and runs through August 30.

This individual does not have a lot of experience. The only requirements

we have are that the individual own, or have access to shoot with a digital

3CCD mini-dv camcorder, (any brand is fine as long as it is digital and


Individual will receive copy, credit, cost of tapes, shipping and

mileage reimbursement to and from the city/stadium and free access into

the game when taping.

Email a cover letter/resume in the body of the email, no attachments please.

Contact Tony: info@ohshowproductions.com