Elon student wins role on “General Hospital”

Senior Music Theatre major Maurice Whitfield of Durham, N.C., is the winner in the “I Wanna Be a Soap Star” competition. Whitfield beat five other contestants from around the country during auditions in Hollywood. He will appear in a walk-on role on “General Hospital.”

Final auditions were taped in Hollywood on “Soap Talk.” Contestants acted out scenes with co-hosts Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway. The auditions can be seen on SOAPnet’s “Soap Talk” on June 26. Whitfield will appear on “General Hospital” June 30 and July 3. He played a hospital orderly and spoke one line.

“It was really exciting,” Whitfield said of winning the competition. “I was really surprised because it wasn’t expected.”

Whitfield attended the local audition in Durham at the urging of his mother, Veronica Pettiford, a General Hospital fan, who told him it would be good experience for a would-be actor. Whitfield said he never expected to win. His only regret is that the show’s taping went so quickly.

“The cast was very nice and down to earth, and they congratulated me a lot,” says Whitfield, who spent the summer doing theatre in Charlotte, N.C., before returning to Elon. He says he plans to pursue an acting career in television after graduation.

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