Faculty receive grants to strengthen Arts and Sciences

Four proposals by faculty and students have been awarded grants by The Fund for Excellence in the Arts and Sciences. A selection committee made up of Phi Beta Kappa members, in consultation with Steven House, dean of Elon College, received nine proposals.

The following proposals have received funding:

  • “Using Student Research as a Means of Engaged Learning: The Mentor-Student Relationship”—Eric Hall, Paul Miller, Karl Sienerth, Tom Tiemann, $5,000
  • “Environmental Visions: A Magazine About the World We Live In and The World We Want to Live In”—Janna Anderson, Ken Hassell, Cassie Kircher, Michele Kleckner, Janet MacFall, Doug Redington, Sharon Spray, Michael Strickland, along with students Ashley Leasure, Molly Pearson, Jared Otte, Gennie Romanallo, $5,000
  • “Voice Through Art”—Michael Fels, $5,784
  • “Odysseus in America”—Bob Russ, $5,000.

The Fund for Excellence in the Arts and Sciences accepts proposals for projects that deepen the values, the intellectual community, the research, teaching and habits of thinking that are characteristic of the liberal arts and sciences. The grants are available to Elon University faculty, staff and students.

The spring deadline for the receipt of proposals is March 31.