Faculty Receive CATL Teaching and Learning Grants

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce the recipients of the Spring 2007 Teaching and Learning Grants. A total of $28,456.67 was awarded to the following innovative teaching and learning projects:

Kyndall Boyle, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Education, will use the grant to purchase medical illustrations. These drawings will help her students learn about innovative approaches to Physical Therapy.

Ann Cahill, Associate Professor of Philosophy, received funds for a summer workgroup to revitalize WGS 300: Current Controversies in Feminism. Other faculty members involved include Lynn Huber, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies; Aaron Peeks, Assistant Professor of Sociology; and Stephen Schulman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy.

Matthew Clark, Associate Professor of Biology, and Janet Cope, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Education, were awarded funds to purchase new video equipment to improve teaching and learning in the human anatomy laboratory. This equipment will allow students to more clearly see parts of anatomy as the instructor points them out, and it will provide a photographic library of actual human anatomy for teaching both in and out of the lab setting.

Ayesha Delpish, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, received funds to purchase data collection equipment that link to the calculators used in Statistics courses. These devices will allow students to collect and analyze real data, helping them to engage with the material in a hands-on way.

Kevin Otos, Assistant Professor of Performing Arts and Coordinator of BA Theatre Studies, will use his funds to purchase masks and props for a student performance of a full-length Commedia dell’Arte script. He believes that training in mask is an avenue of actor education that has tremendous potential here at Elon.

Stephen Schulman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, was awarded a microgrant for his Ethical Practices class (Fall 2007). Students will be asked to create the most positive effect possible in promoting a positive social goal by using this small amount of money.

Kirby Wahl, Assistant Professor of Performing Arts, received funds for training in Body-Mind Centering. He will then implement this innovative awareness-heightening technique in his instruction here at Elon University.

Funds for training on inquiry-based learning were awarded to three professors in the Health and Human Performance Department: Wally Bixby, Assistant Professor; Eric Hall, Associate Professor; and Paul Miller, Associate Professor. They will participate in a conference that will provide them training in this effective strategy for improved teaching and learning.

A grant to launch a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning project was awarded to three members of the Human Services Department: Pam Kiser, Professor; Beth Warner, Assistant Professor; and Bud Warner, Associate Professor. They will use the grant to begin a multi-campus research project that will evaluate whether service-learning changes the way students view the world.

The following faculty members served on the selection committee: Brooke Barnett, Stephen Byrd, Larry Garber, Barbara Gordon, Judith Howard, Barbara Miller, Yuko Miyamoto, Thomas Tiemann.

The CATL Teaching and Learning Grants program supports innovative teaching and learning projects. Grants typically range from $1,000 to $5,000 to support start-up and one-time expenses (materials, travel, and so on), rather than paying for ongoing operational costs. These grants will not fund a course release. If you have questions about the application or selection process, or if you would like to see an example of a proposal that has been funded by this program, please contact Peter Felten (pfelten@elon.edu or 278-5100). We welcome applications from individual full-time teaching faculty and from teams at Elon (the team leader must be full-time teaching faculty). Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee each fall and spring semester. The next deadline will be in October 2007.