Dining Services Easter Break Hours of Operation

Dining Services Easter Break Hours of Operation:

Friday, April 6th

Harden, McEwen, Freshens, Acorn, Java City Regular Hours of Operation

Cantina- 11am-10pm

Varsity- CLOSED @ 2

Octagon- CLOSED @ 9

Danieley- CLOSED @ 9

Saturday, April 7th

McEwen, Varisty, Octagon, Java City, Cantina, Freshens CLOSED

Harden- 11am-6:30pm


Acorn- 11am-10pm

Sunday, April 8th

Java City, McEwen, Octagon, Cantina, Varsity, Freshens CLOSED

Acorn- 11am-10pm

Harden- 11am-6:30pm

Danieley- 12pm-6pm

Monday, April 9th

Octagon, McEwen, Varsity, Freshens CLOSED



Harden-11am-7:30 pm

Danieley- 12pm-7:30pm

Java City- 4pm-8pm