Orejan article accepted for publication

Jaime Orejan, assistant professor of leisure and sport management, has had an article accepted for presentation at an international conference.

The article is titled “A Descriptive History of Tactics Used in Football Association (soccer) from 1863 to the Present.” Orejan will present the article at the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES) and the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) Joint World Congress 2007 in Copenhagen, July 31-Aug. 5.

An abstract of the article appears below:

“The purpose of this study is to trace and analyze the historical development of football and team tactics used in Football Association from 1863, the year the English Football Association was founded, to the present.   The most influential tactics or formations that have been used since 1863 will be briefly explained.  When possible, an attempt will be made to identify which countries, players, and coaches have been influential in making these changes possible, and for what purpose. 

“The main focus of the presentation deals with the relationship between tactics and physical condition, as well as the relations between tactics and other external factors such as the size of the pitch, the quality of the ground, the weather, the wind, the equipment, and the relation between tactics and the laws of the game.

“The main areas addressed in the conclusion will be the development of tactics in football, such as the importance of players, coaches and environmental factors, which would determine the possible future of team tactics in football.

“The historical research method has been used from data collected from readings, books, journals, magazines, and films of related literature, including personal conversations, and from information retrieved from the headquarters of the English FA, FIFA, and other national FA’s in Europe.”