Campus community offers input on Sustainability Master Plan

Students, faculty and staff were present to give their opinions and feedback on Elon's campus Sustainability Master Plan during the first of two forums, held Feb. 20. Details...

Approximately 30 people took part in the session, held in McMichael science building. Vice President Gerald Whittington, chair of the Environmental Council that adopted the plan, asked participants what items they felt were missing from the plan and for their reaction to the priority listings.

Students urged the council to place more emphasis on the plan’s goal of making the Elon campus carbon-neutral in 30 years. Several students said they felt the carbon-neutral goal needed to be a more comprehensive part of the plan, not just a single bullet point among the listing of goals.

Other suggestions included:

Providing internships for students to work with a proposed director of sustainability on campus

Implementing an environmental scholars program, similar to the Periclean Scholars program at Elon, giving students the opportunity to work on environmental problems and solutions as a class throughout their four years at the university

Encourage students to decrease their use of cars on campus-Vice President Whittington said he is working closely with the town of Elon to make the town more pedestrian-friendly by adding more sidewalks, bike paths and enhanced lighting

Increase range of campus tram service to include destinations in the town of Elon and city of Burlington

Make the future environmental studies pavilion in the Academic Village a totally “green” building

Find creative ways to inform students about the master plan and other environmental initiatives, such as Facebook

Work with faculty to find ways to incorporate environmental topics into their curriculum

Provide signs in restrooms giving facts about water usage, signs in dining halls about organically grown foods

Make it clear to students how environmental issues can impact tuition

Work with fraternities and sororities to promote “green” service projects.

All members of the campus community are encouraged to attend the second open forum on Elon’s sustainability master plan, scheduled for 3 p.m., Wednesday, March 7 in Whitley Auditorium.

To read the Sustainability Master Plan, visit the link below: