Colonnades Hiring ’07-’08 Staff

   Colonnades, Elon’s too-cool literary and art magazine, is currently hiring for the section editor positions in Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, and Art. If you think that you are qualified and would like to hold one of these positions, please e-mail me a brief letter about your qualifications and the name of an appropriate professor who could speak to your abilities. See the job description below. Most of the work for these positions will occur during one crazy month (February to March-ish). Please e-mail me ASAP(!) at or if you want to apply. 
   We’ll hold a big meeting once the senior staff has been selected to talk about how others can get involved as general staff members. E-mail me as well if you’re not on the Colonnades e-mail list and would like to be.
Sarah Cox
Editor-in-Chief, Colonnades
General Job Description for Section Editors: The primary responsibility of the section editor will be to organize his/her staff in evaluating all of the pieces submitted in the genre. He/she will plan meetings or create a schedule to ensure that each piece is evaluated by every member of his/her staff. The staff will narrow its selections and the editor will present the final selections to the editor-in-chief. Section editors will be expected to support and attend Colonnades events, especially the Unveiling event in the spring. There will also be opportunities for interested editors to assist with layout work and publicizing the magazine. Again, most of the work is centered in February/March.