Internship for High School Sports Reporter



Covering High-School Football 24/7


Position: Sports Reporter & Columnist (Unpaid)  


Overview:  If you are a student who loves sports, loves to write, and has great communication skills, this is the perfect internship for you. This individual’s main responsibility will be to serve as a sports reporter by interviewing players and coaches from the 25+ public and private high-schools in the Triad area. In addition, you will be writing feature stories for the website on high-school athletes in the Triad area. Interested individuals must possess a fairly good knowledge of sports and have strong writing skills. Broadcasting, Mass Media, Communications, English, Journalism, Sports Management, and Public Relations majors are preferred, but not required.


About is from the creators of; which was just launched last year in the 2007 season. In just a four-month span, we generated close to 250,000 hits.  With this huge success, we now have individual websites for the Triangle area, Triad area, and the entire state of South Carolina.


How our success can lead you to greater success

Many students have the talent to work on the next level once they graduate from school. The problem is separating yourself from the hundreds of other college graduates competing for the same job. One way to separate yourself is interning for a website that generates a lot of traffic; doing this will allow your work to be displayed on a global scale where prospective employers can see just how talented you are. Doing the internship doesn’t guarantee you a job once you graduate, but it certainly puts you in a better position than the college graduates who didn’t.


Other benefits of being an intern with

  • Creates an impressive portfolio for your future job interviews.

  • Having the unique opportunity to work at sporting venues as opposed to working in an office.

  • Having access to high-level people in the sports world (i.e. coaches, athletic directors, recruiters, members of the media) for networking purposes. 

  • Free meals while covering most games.


If you are interested, please contact John Tobias (Chief Editor) at or at 704 916-4821. You can also email your resume to