SafeSkills® Self-Defense Workshop for Women April 8

Tuesday, April 8
Oaks 201
Self-Defense Workshop
SPARKS Peer Educators and the Office of Personal Health Programs and Community Well-Being are offering a Self-Defense Workshop for Women. Participants will learn basic physical and verbal skills with an emphasis on preventing assaults. The program will be taught by Kathy Hopwood and Beth Seigler of SafeSkills®, Inc, a North Carolina company that specializes in teaching self-defense programs for agencies, businesses and universities.
Participants will learn:
* a psychological mind-setting exercise
* the dynamics of assaults
* verbal self-defense concepts
* physical self-defense skills
The program is open to female students and staff at Elon and is free to participants. Call 278-7285 to register or email Lauren Martin at Pre-registration is required.
A second workshop will be offered on Friday, April 25 from 4-7pm in Koury Studio 006.
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