Congratulations to CATL Grant Recipients

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning would like to congratulate the recipients of Spring 2008 Teaching and Learning Grants:

Glenda Crawford: Applying Ethnographic Strategies to Enhance Transformation in University Students through Cross-Disciplinary Academic Service-Learning

Shannon Duvall: Journeying into Console Gaming: Adoption of the XNA Platform in Computing Sciences

Jane Freund: Locomotor Training with a Body Weight Support System for Patients with Neurological Disorders

Richard Gang: Audiovisual Support for Teaching Performance Art in the Studio on Williamson Avenue

Ken Hassell: The Politics of Representation: Photographing at Elon and Ghana

Herb House, Robert Vick: Transforming Biology 162 through Team-Based Learning

Martin Kamela, Kim Jones, Aaron Peeks: Ethical Considerations in International Service Learning

Chris Leupold: Authentic leadership through literature: The case study approach

Tom Mould: Project PERCS: Student Ethnography in the Little Tennessee River Valley

This semester, granted amounts ranged from $1000 to $6000, and totaled $19,973. CATL was able to fund 49% of the total amount requested this spring. For more information on CATL grants, go to