LINCS Program – Cummings High School

Cummings High School and Elon University will be entering it’s third year of partnership in the fall of 2008.  Elon works to support Cummings and its students with tutoring and other volunteer based support.
Many high school’s need tutors and volunteers but unlike many High Schools, Cummings students are faced with different disadvantages, 66% of Cummings’ students enter the ninth grade below the ninth grade reading level, 30% of Cummings’ student are ESL, and 80% of students are on free or reduced lunch.
Cummings High School is in need of a student volunteer coordinator to work with volunteers for all high School level course material.
If you are interested in working with the LINCS program at Cummings High School please contact Carolyn Byrne, at for more information about specific LINCS postion and application information.