Students and Faculty present at the Water Resources Research Conference

Eight students were involved in six presentations at the 11th Annual Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) Conference this week in Raleigh. The research presented at the meeting was under the direction of Janet MacFall and Brant Touchette (Biology and Environmental Studies), and included:

“The Effect of Disturbance on the Spread of Invasive Plant Species in the Haw River Corridor” by Ashley Steele and Janet MacFall.

“Bank Geomorphology of the Haw River, NC” by Paul Robinette, David Welch, and Janet MacFall.

“Phytohormone Signaling in Emergent Freshwater Plants during Simulated Drought Conditions” by Kirsten Rhodes, Adam Frank, Genevieve Romanello, and Brant Touchette.

“Water Quality and Cyanobacteria Populations in the Lower Pamlico River” by Scott Russell, Brant Touchette, and Elizabeth Fensin.

“Observed Water Conservation in a Wetland Plant, American Water Willow (Justicia americana), During Emerged Conditions” by Christopher Miller, Brock Strom, and Brant Touchette.

 “Contrasting Responses of two Coastal Wetland Plants to Fluctuating and Sustained Salinities” by Gracen Smith, Mariana Poole, Kirsten Rhodes, and Brant Touchette.

All six presentations were entered into the Student Presentation Competition (which also included graduate students at research institutions, such as NC State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke University). The presentation by Christopher Miller and Brock Strom was tied for third place with the presentation by Kirsten Rhodes.