Dale Harrison interviewed by WPTF on campaign finance and free speech

Radio host Scott Fitzgerald interviewed School of Communications Adjunct Associate Professor Dale Harrison for WPTF's morning-drive program "North Carolina's Morning News" on Friday, Sept. 11.


 WPTF broadcasts from Raleigh and can be heard on 680 AM.

Fitzgerald and Harrison spoke about the pending U.S. Supreme Court case involving corporate spending and campaign financing. The High Court heard oral arguments Wednesday in the case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which revolves around federal power to regulate a 90-minute documentary about Hillary Clinton. The documentary was scheduled to air during the primary election season.

The Supreme Court went into session early specifically to rehear the case, which some say could be disastrous for campaign finance reform — and others say could finally free corporations to speak at will about election issues and candidates. Campaign finance controls on corporations in America date back more than 100 years. Fitzgerald and Harrison covered key points of the case in light of First Amendment law, including whether corporations should be viewed on par with individuals when it comes to free speech protections. Audio of the interview will be available beginning Monday at the station’s site, listed to the right. Fitzgerald will interview Harrison again Monday about media ethics for a five-part series to be aired by WPTF later this fall.

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