Sang Nam Presents Two Poster Sessions at ISSOTL

Sang Nam, an assistant professor in the School of Communications a professor in the new Interactive Media program, presented his research through two poster sessions at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Oct. 22-25 in Bloomington, Ind.

Sang Nam

Nam’s first presentation was titled “Pedagogical Comparison and Contrast Between Asian and American Approaches to Music Prodigies.” According to the abstract, the poster session “addressed the general perception toward music prodigies and their rise-and-fall. Especially, pedagogical comparison/contrast between Asian and American approaches to music prodigies will be analyzed.”

His second presentation was titled “Promoting Creative and Critical Thinking in Graphical Software Application Classes.” According to the abstract, the poster session focused on “issues related to creative and critical thinking process in art education, especially in graphical software application in the classroom. The main goal of this presentation is to share how to promote the creative and critical thinking process in software application classes and to encourage students to create more intellectually and critically engaging projects utilizing their creative and critical thinking process.”

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