Professional Discovery Week: Programs for Wednesday, Feb. 17

Highlighted Program:

Life After Elon: Preparing for the Real World
5:30-7:00 in Koury Business Center 101

Other Programs Across Campus:

Cultural Competencies and Careers
4:00-5:00 in Duke 101J

Graduate School Information Workshop
5:30-6:30 in Moseley 215

From Facebook to Resume: Using Social Networking Tools to Market Yourself
5:30-6:30 in McCoy Commons (Oaks) 201

Navigating Through the Corporate Culture and Decoding the Hidden Rules
6:30-7:30 in McCoy Commons (Oaks) 207

Professions in Psychology
7:30-8:30 in Long 106

Professional Discovery Week is a series of events scheduled during the week of February 15 to assist students in the transition from campus to career. Students in all majors will have the opportunity to explore career options, learn effective job search skills and prepare for life after graduation.

A full description of these events can be found online.

If you have any questions, please contact Career Services at 336-278-6538 or come by Duke 101.