Angela Lewellyn Jones, Beth Warner & Pam Kiser have two publications

Faculty members Angela Lewellyn Jones, Beth Warner and Pam Kiser have had two publications on social entrepreneurship and service-learning.

The first examines what social entrepreneurship is and where it best fits within the university curriculum. The second explores the relationship between service-learning and social entrepreneurship and how the two may find common ground in their goal of engaging students in work to achieve the public good. 

Lewellyn Jones, Angela, Pamela M. Kiser and Beth Warner. 2010. “Social Entrepreneurship: The ‘new kid’ on the university block.” Planning for Higher Education, 38(4):44-51.

Lewellyn Jones, Angela, Warner, Beth, Kiser, Pamela. 2010. “Service-Learning and Social Entrepreneurship: From Strangers to Allies.” Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning & Civic Engagement, North America, 1(2):1-. Available at: