Check out where the Elon in Los Angeles students are interning

The 35 Elon in Los Angeles students are interning throughout the city and outlaying areas at various organizations. Here's a look at where they’re working this summer:


Brett Annese ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Fortune Cookie
Alex Ardinger ’11 (strategic communications)—H&M ThinkLatino!
Jennifer Austin ’12 (media arts & entertainment)—Stein Entertainment
Abby Bassett ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—“One Day on Earth”
Molly Cimikoski ’11 (English-creative writing)—Lux Eco Living
Evann Clingan ’11 (strategic communications)—Warner Music Group
Alexis DeRosa ’12 (media arts & entertainment)—Sony Field Marketing
Laura Dorado ’11 (strategic communications)—Walton Isaacson
Tyler Dornenburg ’11 (strategic communications)—Fanscape
Caroline Drage ’11 (music theater)—Ticketmaster
Clint Edmondson ’12 (media arts & entertainment)—Interviewing Original
Nneka Enurah ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Fox Broadcast Operations
Julia Gallagher ’12 (acting)—“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and SBV Talent
Kristin Genszler ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Authentic Entertainment
Brian Glover ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Lionsgate
Sarah Glover ’11 (acting)—Hippoworks
Cristina Gutierrez ’12 (strategic communications)—Sunshine, Sachs and Associates
Michael Heil ’11 (strategic communications)—Mandt. Bros. Productions
Cameron Jackson ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Paramount
David James ’12 (media arts & entertainment)—Backstage Artist Lounge
Jonathan Keller ’12 (philosophy)—Thruline Entertainment
Lauren Kenney ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Fremantle Media
Alex Leedy ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Renfield Productions, Monsterfoot Productions and Clear Talent Group
Lucas Lovett ’12 (strategic communications and media arts & entertainment)—MTV Networks
Lauren Ludlow ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”
Philip Kimbrough ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Underground Film and Management and Alloy Entertainment
Jeff Masters ’11 (acting)—“The Mentalist”
Aaron Moger ’12 (media arts & entertainment)—Precision + Post Production
Megan Reeves ’12 (acting)—MTV Core Services
Perri Rossi ’11 (journalism)—A&E Television
Jessie Schroeder ’11 (media arts & entertainment)—Hopeless Records
Alex Trice ’12 (media arts & entertainment)—Magical Elves
Matt Smith ’11 (strategic communications)—Stone and Company Entertainment
Emily Tryon ’13 (biochemistry)—Galerie Anais
Barrett Weed ’11 (acting)—Betty Mae Casting

Below is a Google Map of their internship locations:


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