Improvisation group interest meeting – Sept. 11 & 13

There is an improv group called “Technical Difficulties” that has been operating for a couple of years under the auspices of the Performing Arts Department. They are getting pretty good! They are now going to apply as a Student Organization and I am their advisor. We thought it would be great to have members of any area come and join us for some improvisational fun! 

The best improvisational actor I EVER worked with was a jeweler who moved to Seattle and is now brewing beer! Following is Mr. Ben Morris’ remarks to the Performing Arts students and faculty.  WE INVITE ANYONE WITH AN INTEREST IN IMPROV TO COME AND PLAY! 

You need NO experience, only the ability to say “YES” in the biggest way you can, then simply add whatever is truthful for you! It certainly might be helpful if you are running a board meeting, or litigating in front of a jury to have a bit of improv under your belt! 


“Hey all you wild cats and dogs out there!! It’s that time of year again. Time for me to start filling up your inboxes with emails about IMPROV!!!

For those of you who don’t know what Improv is or have never been to the weekly gathering of our Improv group “Technical Difficulties”, Improv is “the practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, IN THE MOMENT and in response to the stimulus of one’s immediate environment and inner feelings” (Wikipedia, 2010). Think “Whose Line Is It Anyway”. Imagine: hilarious scenes all created and performed right there on the spot based on just a few simple suggestions! SURELY WE MUST BE CRAZY TO ENGAGE IN SUCH SHENANIGANS! But alas, we do it every week and we have a lot of fun doing it!

The reason for this email is to get you all to come to one of our two interest meetings we will have this upcoming Saturday, September 11 at 2:30, and Monday September 13 at 5:30. Both times we will meet in the Williamson Ave Acting Studio, lovingly nicknamed “Harold”. It’s right next to All That Jas and two doors down from Town Table. Again, that’s TWO chances to come in case you can’t make one or the other. What will we be doing at these interest meetings you ask? Well, we’ll be talking about what we do, why it’s so great, and MOST IMPORTANTLY WHEN THE BEST DAYS AND TIMES OF THE WEEK ARE TO MEET. I can’t tell you how many people last year told me that they totally want to come to Improv but couldn’t do it on Friday afternoons. So this is your chance to have a say in when we meet. Seriously. It does not matter if you came to every improv meeting last year, if you’ve never been before, or if you broke up with me in middle school YOU WILL HAVE A SAY IN WHEN WE MEET!!

I hope to see you all at either interest meeting either this upcoming Saturday or Monday! Looking forward to a fantastic year!!”

-Ben Morris