April 1 – Daniels-Danieley Award nominations due

The following people are invited to nominate a candidate for this award:
• Each faculty member or academic department;
• Each administrative staff member;
• Seniors who are members of Phi Kappa Phi and/or Omicron Delta Kappa, and/or seniors who are slated to be inducted into Phi Beta Kappa this spring.
Each nominator may put forth the name of one nominee only.

The nomination must include a letter of support containing the following:
• Name and department of the nominee, plus the name of the nominator;
• A description of the nominee’s creative, innovative, effective methods of teaching at Elon;
• Evidence of the nominee’s contributions to student learning;
• Any other information pertinent to the nomination, such as the nominee’s role in curriculum development at Elon or involvement in scholarly activities related to teaching and learning.

Competitive nominations usually include two to five letters commenting on the candidate from different perspectives (for example, one letter from colleagues and one from former students). Nominators may include supplemental materials, but the entire nomination packet should not exceed 20 pages.

Nominations should meet the following criteria:
• Nominees must be full-time faculty;
• Because this award recognizes sustained excellence in teaching, preference ordinarily will be given to candidates with 7+ years of teaching at Elon.

Selection Procedures: A selection committee consisting of three senior members of the Elon faculty, two previous Daniels-Danieley Award recipients, and three students will evaluate the nomination materials and choose a recipient by secret ballot. The award will be presented at the annual Faculty/Staff Awards Luncheon on May11, 2011.

Names of faculty members who have previously received this award are listed below.

Address nominations to: Daniels-Danieley Award Committee, Campus Box 2610. Electronic submissions are encouraged. Email complete packets to Peter Felten.

All nomination materials must be received by Thursday, April 1. Questions about the nomination or selection process should be directed to Peter Felten.


Recipients of the Daniels-Danieley Award for Excellence in Teaching

Janie E. Council 1972-73
William H. Barbee 1973-74
Helen H. Euliss 1974-75
Edwin L. Daniel 1975-76
Durward T. Stokes 1976-77
Mary Ellen Priestley 1977-78
Robert W. Delp 1978-79
John G. Sullivan 1979-80
Gerald L. Francis 1980-81
Richard C. Haworth 1981-82
Eleanor Anne Ponder 1982-83
Joyce E. Speas 1983-84
Bruce N. Waller 1984-85
Russell B. Gill 1985-86
James H. Pace 1986-87
Seena A. Granowsky 1987-88
J. Albert Carpenter 1988-89
Thomas S. Henricks 1989-90
Kathy J. Lyday-Lee 1990-91
Ann M. Wooten 1991-92
Michael E. Sanford 1992-93
Nancy E. Harris 1993-94
Janie P. Brown 1994-95
Catherine H. McNeela 1995-96
Daniel W. Wright 1996-97
Nancy S. Midgette 1997-98
Stephen E. Braye 1998-99
Jeffrey C. Pugh 1999-00
Ernest J. Lunsford 2000-01
Anthony E. Weston 2001-02
Thomas Tiemann 2002-03
Janet Warman 2003-04
Thomas Arcaro 2004-05
Jean D. Schwind 2005-06
Pam Kiser 2006-07
James Bissett 2007-08
Glenda Crawford 2008-09
J. Todd Lee 2009-10