Great Fall Dance Class


Athletes, Musicians, Mathematicians, Artists, Business Majors, Communication Majors, All Majors !

DAN 320-B
TTH – 12:25 – 2:05pm
4 credits

This course has been opened up to ALL MAJORS! If you are not a Dance major, this class counts as an upper division, outside of your major class. If you are a Dance major, this class counts as an upper division elective. You can add it during the Drop/Add period in May.

This is a great class to improve your physical efficiency & coordination in WHATEVER you do. It is designed to give you an increased awareness of how your body functions – exploring how the body moves anatomically and what inherent & individual restrictions/patterns each of us carry. By freeing the body of those restrictions, increased awareness can result in more efficient and less stressful/painful ways of relating to whatever you are doing – throwing a football, playing violin, sitting over a calculator all day, making sculpture, sitting in front of a computer or a camera – whatever you do. AND, if you’re lucky, it can also affect the way you live your life. Class focuses on anatomical information, efficiency, ease of movement, relaxation and movement exploration. Sweat clothes or loose fitting clothes. If you have questions about this course, please email Professor Chris Burnside at