Eight Elon Grads Working at Credit Suisse

On August 26, 2011, Professors Joel Hollingsworth and Dave Powell had the opportunity to visit Credit Suisse in RTP, North Carolina.

Left to Right: Jamie Schatz, John Minshall, CeCe FitzGerald, Joel Blondy and Jonathan Citty discuss projects at Credit Suisse

 During the visit, they had a chance to meet eight Elon Computing Sciences alumni and to hear them present the challenging, world wide projects that they are working on at Credit Suisse. The alumni were: Joel Blondy, Robert Bush, Jonathan Citty, Sarah Eibin, CeCe FitzGerald, Vic McGlaughlin, John Minshall and Sarah Eibin.

Right to Left: Sarah Eibin, Robert Bush, Vic McGlaughlin (partially hidden), Jenny Hofler and Jonathan Citty present technical details of their current projects.