Michael Rodriguez publishes articles on social media and CRM

Michael Rodriguez, assistant professor of marketing in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, published two articles earlier this summer – “Making Social Media Effective in Real Estate” and “CRM and Sales Pipeline Management--Empirical Results for Managing Opportunities.”

“Making Social Media Effective in Real Estate,” published in the Keller Center Research Report, provides a foundation for understanding social media and its potential impact on reaching buyers and sellers in the real estate sales environment. The article discusses organizations that have implemented social media as part of their customer engagement and sales strategy, and provides best practices on integrating social media to positively impact the sales process.

“CRM and Sales Pipeline Management–Empirical Results for Managing Opportunities,” published in Marketing Management Journal, focuses on how organizations utilize CRM technology to manage prospects and clients. Rodriguez’s study indicated that firms tend to have comprehensive prospecting plans, follow a standardized process for qualifying opportunities and work across departments to close deals when CRM systems are used within the organization. The study also suggests CRM systems will improve the ability to manage opportunities in the sales pipeline.