Michael Rodriguez presents at National Conference in Sales Management

Michael Rodriguez, assistant professor of marketing in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, presented a paper at the National Conference in Sales Management held March 13-18 in Indianapolis.

The paper, “A conceptual framework of the role of entertaining on sales performance,” was co-authored by Earl Honeycutt, Martha and Spencer Love Term Professor of Marketing at Elon University, and Charles Ragland, lecturer at The University of Toledo.

Below is an abstract of the paper:

“This research seeks to expand our understanding of the relationship between entertaining and sales performance. The purpose is to gain an improved understanding of the importance of entertaining within a sales setting. A conceptual model is proposed that examines the factors of product differentiation and sales role as moderating variables between entertainment and sales performance. The study discusses the importance and contribution of this research from practical, educational and theoretical sales perspectives. Lastly, future research topics are proposed.”