ESS Students Present Research at Professional Meeting

Junior Dana Wolff
Nine Exercise Science majors presented original research at the Southeast American College of Sports Medicine Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on February 14th – February 16th.

The undergraduate students who presented their research at the conference were: Andrea Attorri, Seanna Baird, Kyle Cooper, Jackie Del Giorno, Danielle Gilbert, Kevin O’Leary, Michelle McBride, Matt Scoggin and Dana Wolff. Co-authors also included Elizabeth Easterly (Dance), Kristen Sanders (’06), Emily Schmitt (’07), and Carly Sinderbrand (’07).

Their research was mentored by faculty members: Elizabeth Bailey (Exercise Science), Stephen Bailey (Physical Therapy Education), Wally Bixby (Exercise Science), Alec French (Physical Education), Eric Hall (Exercise Science), Amanda Tapler (Health Education) and Paul Miller (Exercise Science).

The following presentations were made:

A. Attorri, M. McBride, K. Sanders, E. Hall, W. Bixby & P. Miller: “Examining environmental influences on anxiety reduction: Does content of television program influence?”

K. Cooper, E. Schmitt, E. Bailey, W. Bixby, E. Hall, & P. Miller: “Differences in affective responses during treadmill running with distraction between male and female participants.”

J. Del Giorno, K. O’Leary, E. Hall, W. Bixby, & P. Miller: “Influence of exercise intensity on cognitive function during and following submaximal exercise.”

D. Gilbert, S. Baird, E. Easterly, E. Hall, W. Bixby, & P. Miller: “Does content of television watching influence exercise behavior and affective responses during exercise session.”

K. O’Leary, J. Del Giorno, W. Bixby, E. Hall, & P. Miller: “The effects of maximal exercise on cognitive performance.”

M. Scoggin, C. Sinderbrand, S. Bailey, W. Bixby, E. Hall, & P. Miller: “Influence of protease supplementation on contractile function and recovery following eccentric exercise.”

D. Wolff, E. Bailey, A. Tapler, A. French, & S. Bailey: “The effects on body image and self esteem associated with being a mentor in the girls in motion program.”

ACSM’s Mission Statement reflects this goal: The American College of Sports Medicine promotes and integrates scientific research, education, and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health, and quality of life.

Senior Kevin O’Leary
Junior Matt Scoggin