David Copeland publishes book on news media

David Copeland, A.J. Fletcher Professor in the School of Communications, has published The News Media.

Co-authored with William David Sloan of the University of Alabama, The News Media tells the story of the origins, growth and maturation of American journalism. The book combines narrative and documents to explain the context within which journalism and the development of the United States took place.

Both authors worked for more than a decade to find more than 1,000 news stories, editorials, illustrations and other documents central to the story of journalism and the United States to create a true sense of the relationship between the nation and the press. These elements are woven together with narrative that helps readers understand the media elements in relation to the time period in which they appeared.

The News Media is published by Vision Press, which is devoted to works on media and their cultural and historical relationships with society. To learn more about the book, visit http://www.vision-press.com/The_News_Media.html.

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