Paige Goss ’07 brings The Select Group to campus

Paige Goss '07, of Raleigh, N.C.-based firm The Select Group, visited campus Sept. 19 to speak in classes and strengthen ties between her firm and the university.

Paige Goss ’07 talks about how her sales experience helps her today as a director of operations.

Goss serves as director of operations for the engineering and information technology recruiting firm. In her role, she oversees the all the company’s training and development, human resources, legal, IT and logistics matters. On Wednesday, Goss returned to Elon to meet with representatives in the Student Professional Development Center and speak in Assistant Professor Michael Rodriguez’s upper-level sales and marketing classes.

“It’s giving back. Look at me, I’m 27 and I’m running a big part of a large company in Raleigh,” she says. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my college experience at Elon.”

Two years ago, when The Select Group began planning an on-campus recruiting program to find top young professionals, Goss suggested they take a look at Elon. Since then, The Select Group has become a strong supporter of Elon’s Chandler Family Professional Sales Center, and Goss returns to campus often to speak in classes, conduct interviews and attend meet-and-greet sessions with students.

“We’ve found some really great talent here,” Goss says of the Elon students she’s seen come through The Select Group’s doors.

She also lends her expertise to Elon student-athletes. A former Elon softball player, Goss returned to Elon a year ago to speak about how to use athletics experiences as key points of a strong professional pitch.

“There’s a lot to fish through after you graduate, and I feel like I can help these students be successful,” she says.

Interested in reconnecting with Elon and encouraging your company to do the same? Contact the Student Professional Development Center’s Office of Corporate and Employer Relations.