Study USA to Provide Engaged Learning Opportunities Within the US

Study USA represents one more avenue by which Elon students can engage with the world around them.

Elon in LA and Elon in New York are the two best-known Study USA programs.

Elon University is proud to launch a new engaged learning opportunity, Study USA. Although Elon is a leader in study abroad programs, with 72% of Elon students studying abroad before graduating, Elon recognizes that meaningful cultural experiences also occur inside the United States.

“A student does not have to travel beyond our borders to have a transformative, engaged encounter with difference,” says Phil Smith, Interim Director of Study USA. “The geographic, cultural, and industry-related resources of the United States provide rich venues for study away from Elon’s campus.”

Currently, Elon is offering programs during summer and winter terms, as well as one semester-long program. Locations for the summer programs include Alaska, Los Angeles, and New York City. The Elon in LA and Elon in New York programs last for a total of nine weeks and allow students to take classes and work in various internship placements. The New York and Los Angeles programs are specifically targeted toward the communication and media production industries in those major cities. Similarly, Elon hosts programs for the winter term in January in Hawaii, New York, and at the Sundance film festival. “Study USA also offers a unique opportunity for our international students to have a deeper experience while at Elon,” Smith added.

The Elon in LA program will begin offering a full-semester option in the spring of 2013. On the semester-long program students are able to participate in classes and internships in areas such as media production, acting, public relations, and media law.

In addition to the professional work experience gained through internships, Elon students are able to benefit from exposure to other parts of the nation by witnessing for themselves the cultural differences present in the United States. Elon University strives to be a leader in engaged learning and foster a sense of global citizenship within its students. The Study USA programs create another avenue by which students can interact with people different from themselves and gain real-world experience.

Diana Stancy contributed to this article.