Nelson, Coker and Haskell Present at Ohio University’s “Global Fusion” Conference

On October 28, 2012, Thomas Nelson, Associate Professor of Communications; Jeffrey Coker, Associate Professor of Biology and Director of General Studies; and Rosemary Haskell, Professor of English, were presenters at the Global Fusion12: A Global Media and Communication Conference hosted by the Ohio University School of Media Arts and Studies, in Athens, Ohio.

Their panel title was: Teaching Global Communications Skills and Strategies for All Students: A Required First-Year Course.

Individual presentations were as follows:

Jeffrey Coker: “An Institution-Level View of Requiring Global Communications Skills and Strategies of All Students”

Rosemary Haskell: “Course Design for the Multi- Section Global Experience Course: Embedding Intercultural Communication”

Thomas Nelson: “Globalization Pedagogy: It’s Easier Than You Think”


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