Lucinda Austin’s work featured by PR research center

Communications assistant professor Lucinda Austin’s social media research has been featured by the Institute of Public Relations' Social Science of Social Media Research Center.

Lucinda Austin

Based on her recent publication, in the book “New Media and Public Relations,” titled “Government’s use of social media to frame health information: A review of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s social media practices,” Austin’s work was summarized and featured for the Institute of Public Relation’s new research collection highlighting the science behind social media.

The Institute of Public Relations’ article summarizes Austin’s study, which involved a review of CDC’s Facebook and Twitter posts over a 6-month period. Through qualitative content analysis, Austin explored how health information is framed in CDC’s social media, characteristics of CDC’s use of social media, and how CDC builds relationships with publics via social media.

For a summary of the article featured by the Institute of Public Relations, visit:

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