Interest meetings for Moseley Center job openings for Fall 2013

Moseley Center is hiring students for the Fall 2013 semester. Below is a brief job description for those who are interested. To be considered for this position, you will have to attend one of the information sessions offered on April 3 or 4 at 7:30 p.m. in Lakeside Hall. After the sessions, the job will be posted on the Elon Jobs Network where you will have to submit a cover letter and resume. If you do not have these, please make an appointment at the Student Professional Development Center.

This position offers students a chance to be involved in the ongoing development of the Moseley Center. Facility Assistants will assist the Director of Campus Center Operations and the Assistant Director of Campus Center Operations with the successful supervision and administration of Moseley Center activities and services. Successful candidates for this position will have a high degree of commitment, organizational skills, creativity, good communication skills and in general, be a fun person to be around!

o Help develop Moseley Center operating procedures.
o Complete Moseley Center Daily Work Report.
o Post authorized notices and posters on bulletin boards.
o Clarify and communicate to students, faculty and staff the policies/procedures of the Moseley Center.
o Ensure that supplies and forms are properly maintained.
o Other duties as assigned.

Emergency Situations:
o Be familiar with instructions provided in the training manual (i.e. fire alarms, power failures).
o Report any injuries or emergencies to the proper authorities.

Information Desk Duties:
o Answer all incoming phone calls.
o Provide information including: phone numbers, events, campus and local information, van and shuttle reservations, etc.
o Assist in the scheduling process of Moseley Center meeting rooms and the University as a whole through the SPACES Scheduling Program.
o Be responsible for checking in and out keys.
o Assist in scheduling and key check in and out for university vans.
o Make reservations for airport shuttles operating periods