Writing Excellence Initiative First Flight Program – Applications Due April 30

So that we can learn as we go, we will pilot all major strategies of the Writing Excellence Initiative before fully implementing them. We are looking for volunteers eager to get going by joining our First Flight Program.

Academic Departments
We’re looking for six academic departments to serve as pilots. Each department in our First Flight Program will receive a $5,000 grant and additional support from the Center for Writing Excellence. The departments will form an interdisciplinary collaborative.
Application:  First Flight Application for Academic Departments.
Deadline:  April 30, 2013.
More information:  Contact Paul Anderson, 6646.

Student Life
The Writing Excellence Initiative will provide grants and additional assistance to selected Student Life departments and programs that pilot strategies of the Writing Excellence Initiative next academic year.
More information:  Contact Jodean Schmiederer, 7271.

General Studies
The General Studies program will be piloting writing-enriched sections of GST 110 and GST interdisciplinary seminars.
More information:  Contact Jeffrey Coker, 6206.

Individuals and other units
If you would like to explore the possibility of pilot testing a way of supporting Elon’s goals for the Writing Excellence Initiative that does not fit into the other categories, let’s talk.
More information: Contact Paul Anderson, 6646.