Panel discussion on the crisis in Syria – April 24

Five Syrians, including an Elon professor, will address the humanitarian crisis under President Bashar al-Assad in a program titled "How the Crisis in Syria Will End."

How the Crisis in Syria Will End
Wednesday, April 24, 2013
6:30 p.m.
McBride Gathering Space in the Numen Lumen Pavilion


Oubab Khalil, The Representative of the Syrian Opposition Coalition* in Washington, DC
Lama Hamoudi, A Syrian Activist
Mahdi Ajjan, A Syrian-American Physician
Moutaz Khouja, A Syrian-American Professor of Operations Management at UNC Charlotte
Haya Ajjan, An Assistant Professor of MIS at Elon University

*The Syrian Opposition Coalition has been recognized by the United States as the true representative of the Syrian people.

The Syrian revolution erupted over two years ago, with a full-throated scream for freedom and dignity after over forty years of oppression. The Assad regime responded with shelling and empty promises of reforms. So far, the regime has killed more than 70,000 people including 5,842 children, displaced more than 2 million people inside Syria and 1 million refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Assad’s air forces have carried out airstrikes against civilians targeting bakeries and gas stations. The atrocities of the regime have been captured in a PBS special on Syria aired this month.

To examine the current situation in Syria and take a close look at what the future may look like for the country. The GST, the International Club, and a student-faculty Elon group called Speak Out For Syrians have invited a panel of Syrian experts and observers to Elon.

The following video offers more about the crisis:

For more information:

Haya Ajjan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
Martha and Spencer Love School of Business
Elon University





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