Charity Johansson's essay published in 'PT in Motion'

Professor Charity Johansson has been featured in the June 2013 edition of PT in Motion, the professional issues magazine for the American Physical Therapy Association.

Her first-person essay and podcast in a recurring feature recalls stories from her clinical work that have “opened windows to a depth of being that illness cannot erase.” The essay, “The Power of Pansies,” is part of the magazaine’s “This Is Why” segment.

“My patients’ stories have flowed through me and left their mark. I wish I’d written some of them down when they happened, but I was too intent on getting through each day’s work,” she writes in the column. “Still, my patients have been an endless source of wisdom. As long as I remain open to everything they bring-pain or anger, gratitude or compassion-my opportunities for growth are limitless.”

PT in Motion is distributed to more than 73,000 people. Published to meet the needs and interests of APTA members “and to promote physical therapy as a vital professional career,” the publication covers legislative, health care, human interest and association news.

The “This Is Why” feature spotlights why a writer found a career in physical therapy or confirmed why he or she became a PT or PTA.

Read the full column here.