“The Value(s) of the Liberal Arts” – Sept. 26

Thursday, September 26
“The Value(s) of the Liberal Arts”

LaRose Digital Theatre, Koury Business Center, 7:30 p.m.

Phi Beta Kappa at Elon University will sponsor a panel presentation regarding different visions of the liberal arts.  Elon prides itself as holding the arts and sciences as central to its educational mission; yet both domestically and abroad, the liberal arts have been criticized for being irrelevant, elitist, and impractical.  Such critiques raise crucial questions: what makes the liberal arts valuable? And what are the values that underlie the liberal arts?
This panel will include two esteemed scholars who will approach these questions from strikingly different perspectives.  Dr. Elizabeth Minnich is the Senior Scholar, Association of American Colleges & Universities: Office of Diversity, Equity, and Global Initiatives. Dr. Mary Gowan is the dean of the College of Business at James Madison University and former dean of the Love School of Business at Elon University.
Come prepared to hear a lively exchange of ideas, moderated by Dr. Jason Kirk, Associate Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies at Elon. And then stay for refreshments afterward! No ticket is required.