DPTE researchers shine

This summer several faculty, staff and alumni in the Department of Physical Therapy Education were accepted to present research at conferences, published articles or had articles in press.  

  • Assistant Professor Srikant Vallabhajosula, co-authored  “The effect of Tai Chi exercise on gait initiation and gait performance in persons with Parkinson’s disease” (Parkinsonism & Related Disorders), “Tai Chi Exercise to Improve Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy), and “Selective use of low frequency stimulation in Parkinson’s disease based on presence of tremor,” NeuroRehabilitation.
  • Associate Professor Janet Cope, co-authored “Comparison of two formaldehyde exposure assessment devices in a physical therapy education program anatomy laboratory” with alumni Christina Ridenour G’12 and Colin McGowan G’12 (The Journal of Physical Therapy Education) and “A robust flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle” (International Journal of Anatomical Variations), both in in press. The latter article was co-authored with alumna Traci Little G’00.
  • Assistant Professor Paula DiBiasio, co-authored “Essential competencies in entry-level pediatric physical therapy education” (Pediatric Physical Therapy), which is in press.
  • Vallabhajosula, Professor Stephen Bailey and alumnus Francesco Worley G’11 presented at the American Society for Biomechanics Meeting in September.
  • Associate Professor Cynthia Lewis was accepted for presentation at the Educational Leadership Conference in October.
  • Lewis, Bailey, Vallabhajosula, Professor Charity Johansson, Associate Professor  Daryl Lawson, Associate Professor Bill Andrews, Associate Professor Jane Freund, Associate Professor Deborah Stetts, Lecturer in Exercise Science Gytis Balilionis and alumna Lisa Brindley G’12 have been accepted for presentation at the Combined Sections Meeting in February, 2014