Crystal Anderson featured guest on WUNC's 'The State of Things'

The associate professor of English on Sept. 10 discussed her new book, "Beyond 'The Chinese Connection': Contemporary Afro-Asian Cultural Production," with host Frank Stasio.

<p>Associate Professor Crystal Anderson</p>
Associate Professor Crystal Anderson was a featured guest Sept. 10, 2013, when WUNC 91.5’s popular noontime program “The State of Things” broadcast live from downtown Greensboro, N.C.

Anderson spoke with host Frank Stasio about her new book, “Beyond ‘The Chinese Connection’: Contemporary Afro-Asian Cultural Production,” and the convergence of African-American and Asian pop culture in films like the Rush Hour series and The Matrix Trilogy, as well as in music with contemporary performers like Psy.

Published this summer by the University of Mississippi Press, the book uses Bruce Lee as a lens through which to study cultural exchanges. Arguably, there was no figure more recognized and admired among African Americans, Asians and Asian Americans as films like “Enter the Dragon,” “The Chinese Connection” and “The Big Boss” introduced Lee as a hero and global cultural icon who resonated with their experiences.

Anderson, the Academic Diversity Fellow at the university, joined Elon’s Department of English in 2008 having taught at the University of Kansas and Ohio University in Athens. She coordinated the university’s American Studies interdisciplinary program from 2010-2011.

Listen to the full interview here.