Prudence Layne authors essay for the Aspen Institute's 30th anniversary of Wye Faculty Seminars

The essay, "Wye Diversity Matters," is part of a collection from 18 of the more than 1,000 participants who attended the faculty seminars since 1983.

Associate Professor Prudence Layne
Associate Professor Prudence Layne, coordinator of the African and African-American Studies program at Elon University, authored an essay for the Aspen Institute’s Wye Faculty Seminars, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year and compiled reflections about past seminars as part of its commemorations.

Layne’s “Wye Diversity Matters” looks at the lack of perspectives from historically marginalized groups in readings she was assigned for a 2010 seminar billed as “Citizenship and the Global Polity.”

From the conclusion of her essay:

“Among those lessons for the Aspen Institute is the need for more diverse representation among its leadership to ensure that the broadest possible perspectives and themes will be inculcated in the design of each seminar. In addition, the higher education professionals in particular must hold themselves to account, exploring the silences and nuances of their readings. In asking ourselves, who is missing, who is not represented and why, not only do these questions become second nature, but we carry this heightened awareness and sensitivities into our classrooms and teachings. I can think of no greater reason for ‘Wye/why diversity matters.’ It matters because good citizenship and the global polity depend on it.”

Read the full essay on page 16 of this PDF link.