Elon students selected to work with Industrial Paper Products executives

Students will help improve business practices at the Burlington-based company

Three teams of Elon students were selected to work closely with Industrial Paper Products as consultants to develop an ERP system, increase customer satisfaction and improve profit margins.

Jay Lindley, CEO and president, Fabyan Saxe, vice president of value chain, Mike Hinson, vice president of operations and general manager, and Vanessa Maliski, accounting manager, visited Elon on March 4 to hear student presentations regarding improved business practices and local store customer reach. The presentations were part of a process systems and technology course taught by Haya Ajjan, an assistant professor of management information systems.

“There is nothing like the hands-on experience,” Ajjan said. “It challenges you to perform better and immerse yourself in real world situations.”

Student who will work with IPP include: Asher Weinstein ‘14, Julie Rodriguez ‘14, Kasey Sullivan ‘14, Chris Savage ‘14, Travis Sprague ‘14, Kelly Smith ‘14, Ian Brady ‘14, Hunter Priebe ‘14, Lexi Scovil ‘14, Serra Kefeli ‘14, Ryan Balick ‘14, Julia Kinser ’14 and Chase Strom ’14.

The students have visited IPP’s headquarters and interviewed company employees as part of a proposal for a strategic business plan they will submit in May to IPP’s executives.