Greensboro to host panel on police body camera recordings as public records 

WFMY News 2: Greensboro officials are putting together a panel discussion on when and how video recorded by cameras worn by police officers should be released to the public. 

Greensboro police began wearing body cameras in 2013 to record officers’ interactions with the public. The city’s current policy covering the videos does not readily allow for their release. The city treats the videos as part of officers’ personnel files as well as part of criminal investigative files. Both categories of records have broad exemptions under the N.C. Public Records Law. 

In announcing the panel discussion, Mayor Nancy Vaughan indicated that she expects it will a “productive discussion” about whether or not the videos should be more readily available to the public. 

A date for the panel discussion has not been anounced, but the city’s press release said it will be at the end of September. 

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