elondocs welcomes new members for the 2014-15 school year

The School of Communications’ documentary program introduces its 10 new student participants for the 2014-15 academic year.

Caroline Patterson (left) and Rhett Lawson
Caroline Patterson (left) and Rhett Lawson[/caption]Caroline Patterson was born in Atlanta to a speech therapist and the production manager of a local TV station. Even though she grew up around television and movies, her love for media wasn’t recognized until her freshman year of high school during a broadcasting class. She spent a lot of her time watching various movies (good and bad) in theaters and at home but found her passion during her junior year of high school when she got the chance to direct the school musical. She is interested in anything and everything and currently studies Cinema and Television Arts with a minor in German Studies. She is excited to get the chance to learn more about documentaries and everyone else in the elondocs

Rhett Lawson is originally from Reno, Nevada, but moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, in 2007. He picked up photography in high school and has now moved on to video at Elon University. Being very interested in anthropology and the outdoors influences what he tries to capture as an artist.

Stephen A. Harris (left) and Jennie Hook
Stephen A. Harris (left) and Jennie Hook[/caption]​Stephen A. Harris is a junior with a Media Arts and Entertainment major with a focus in Broadcast & New Media and a minor in Coaching. He hopes to use his experience at Elon and in elondocs to further himself in pursuit of a career in sports television, although he is hoping to use elondocs to expand his skills beyond the sports world.

Jennie Hook is a junior Broadcast Journalism major and Business Administration minor at Elon University in North Carolina. She is extremely excited to be a part of this year’s Elon Docs program. She is active on campus with University Communications, Elon Local News, Newsbreakers, and the Fire of the Carolinas Marching Band. Jennie aspires to work on the production side of journalism and strives to help as many people as possible tell their stories.

Madeline Lanciloti (left) and Josepha Mbouma
Madeline Lanciloti (left) and Josepha Mbouma[/caption]​Madeline Lanciloti is from Newton, Massachusetts, a small suburb just outside of Boston. She is an only child and went to middle and high school at an all girls’ prep school. She is a journalism and political science major and hopes to be a news producer. She enjoys keeping up with current events and going for runs with her roommates.

Josepha Mbouma is a junior majoring in Cinema and Television and minoring in digital art. She is originally from Cameroon, Africa, but now lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. She is also a member of the Elon’s Women’s Basketball team. With the experience she’ll gain from elondocs, she plans ton finding a way to intertwine her love for the game with filmmaking.

Kayla Hammer (left) and Chiara Costanzo
Kayla Hammer (left) and Chiara Costanzo[/caption]​Kayla Hammer is a junior with a Cinema major and Creative Writing minor. She believes that everyone has a story, and the beauty of documentaries is the courage to share those stories with the world. She hopes to move out to LA after Elon and become a producer. If you can’t find her in the editing suites, she’s probably at Elon’s Campus Recreation, teaching group exercise classes in the studios. Kayla is also the vice president of the Panhellenic Executive Council and a member of EPW.

Chiara Costanzo is a senior with a Strategic Communications major and double minor in Digital Art and Sociology. Chiara has always maintained an interest in art, film, and the human condition – yet never quite had the opportunity to immerse herself in all at once. She is incredibly excited to not only learn and experience what elondocs has to offer, but also build her portfolio as she begins the search for potential job opportunities.

Francesca Collins (left) and Kathryn Jeffords
Francesca Collins (left) and Kathryn Jeffords[/caption]Francesca Collins is a sophomore from Haddonfield, New Jersey. After graduation, she aspires to be a documentarian and wishes to travel the world. Francesca enjoys playing the piano, writing poetry and photography.

Kathryn Jeffords is a senior Strategic Communications major and Business Administration minor from Davidson, North Carolina. She’s had wonderful experiences working in journalism, film production and even for a wildlife film festival in Jackson Hole this past summer. She loves to seek out and capture great stories, and bring them to others. In free time, she enjoys live music, coffee shops, and getting outdoors!