Elon School of Communications reporting class publishes in-depth multimedia magazine

The members of Professor Janna Anderson's "Reporting for the Public Good" course share their semester-long assignments.

Image by junior Cassidy Stratton
The students of Professor Janna Anderson’s “Reporting for the Public Good” (COM 310) class have published IN – a multimedia magazine with 14 in-depth stories that cover national topics using local voices.

Students will present the research they conducted throughout the semester for their reporting assignment on Friday, May 8. The presentations take place during class time, from 9:25-10:35 a.m., in room 108 in the McEwen Communications Building.

Each of the 14 students in the class chose an in-depth topic to report on early in the semester and conducted interviews throughout their time in the class. Included in each of the final pieces are various multimedia elements, which have been compiled into a magazine that features the work of every student.

The topics covered have been reported on both the local and national scale. Issues range from the economic divide between East and West Burlington, to national issues like sexual assault. Every article strives to highlight national issues using local voices.

For more information about the presentation session, please contact Janna Anderson at andersj@elon.edu.