Seniors set record mark with class gift to Elon

Fifty-three percent of graduating seniors honored their alma mater by contributing to a class gift presented before Commencement on May 23, 2015, to Elon University President Leo M. Lambert.

The Class of 2015 set an Elon University record this year with 53 percent of all graduates making a gift to the university.

The tradition of seniors giving back to Elon has grown over the previous three years, with 32 percent of seniors making a gift in 2013 and 41 percent participation in 2014.

This year’s senior class giving campaign raised more than $27,000 since seniors launched their fundraising efforts in August. In addition, many families honored their graduates with contributions totaling over $395,700.

More than 600 members of the senior class made a donation to Elon during the 2014-15 academic year, and a record 195 seniors made gifts in honor of #ElonDay on March 10. All seniors were encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to Elon by giving back to the university before they graduate.

Prior to the Commencement exercises on May 23, senior class president Sarah Paille-Jansa ’15 presented a check for $27,084 to Elon University President Leo M. Lambert.

Alli Fox ’15 chaired the senior class giving committee, which included a diverse group of 30 student leaders. Other executive board members included Lauren Bolusky ‘15, Conner Croxson ’15, George Riter ‘15 and Courtney Vaughn ’15. The committee focused on asking classmates to make a gift of $20.15 to the area of campus that meant the most to their student experience while at Elon. The campaign collected more than 320 donations of $20.15.

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