Final language placement testing time for fall semester is TODAY (11/9) at 5 p.m.

This is the last testing time offered for the fall semester.  Testing for students who missed the Oct. 1 deadline of their first year will be available again on Monday, February 1 (the day before the start of spring semester).

Sign up by clicking on this link .

The exam will be given in Carlton Building 221.  Allow 30-45 minutes to complete preliminary paperwork and to take the test. You must bring your Phoenix card or a photo ID and you will need your Datatel (Student ID) number.

Language skills are an excellent addition to any resume and language skills are required for some majors at Elon. Since placement testing is covered by the Honor Code, you should do the best that you can.  

Please note the following statement from the Elon University catalog, your contract with the university: “In order to ensure consistent treatment of all students, each student must take the language placement test by October 1 of their first full year at Elon. Students are allowed two tries (both before October 1); the higher score is counted. That score stands and may not be replaced by later testing.”  After October 1, you will not be able to place out of the language requirement by testing. However, a placement score tells us that you have fulfilled the obligation of completing a language assessment and tells you where you should begin your language study at Elon.  Someone will be available in Carlton 221 today to grant you permission to add a language class to your winter or spring schedules.