Winter Term study abroad brings new programs and record numbers

More than 1,100 students, faculty and staff are participating this month in a total of 45 programs around the world.

Study Abroad has a storied history at Elon, with Winter Term being the busiest time of year for students traveling to global destinations. A record number of students, faculty and staff traveling abroad this January – more than 1,100 total – is due in large part to expanded Study USA offerings, including three new destinations in 2016. They are:

  • Florida & California: Happiest Place? The Science of Happiness at Disney
  • Florida, Miami: Ecology and Sustainability
  • Iowa: The Trail Starts Here: The Iowa Caucuses

In addition to the 35 programs managed by staff in the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center, each of the groups listed below have students that will also be involved in a study away program this Winter Term.

  • Leadership Fellows
  • Communications Fellows 
  • Business Fellows 
  • Elon College Fellows
  • Honors Fellows 
  • International Fellows (with Discovering Dixie)
  • Teaching Fellows
  • Periclean Scholars
  • iMedia Fly-Ins
  • MBA/JD combined study abroad

Unique to Elon is the preparation students receive for their Winter Term programs. Those enrolled to travel abroad each January take a one-credit course in the preceding fall semester, meeting with their faculty members and classmates as they learn in advance about the nations they plan to visit. The classes allow professors to forge strong relationships with their students and give students an avenue to learn about each other prior to their immersion in a new culture.

Elon is consistently ranked the nation’s #1 master’s-level university for international study by the Institute of International Education.

Complete Winter Term study abroad programs include:

  • Australia and New Zealand: Film
  • Australia: Ecotourism
  • Austria: Sex and Violins – The Lives of the Great Composers
  • Barbados: Culture, Sport, & Media
  • Belize: Field Biology
  • Business in the Pacific Rim
  • China: The Flying Dragon
  • Costa Rica: Language, Culture, & Ecotourism
  • Discovering Dixie 
  • Dominican Republic: Baseball and Tourism
  • EUROMED: Where East Meets West
  • Ethiopia and Tanzania: An Exploration of History, Culture, and the Natural World in East Africa
  • Florida & California: Happiest Place? The Science of Happiness at Disney
  • Florida, Miami: Ecology and Sustainability
  • France: Eat, Pray, Love – Sacred Space and the Place of Religion in 21st Century France
  • Ghana: Performing Arts in Cultural Context
  • Great Structures of Europe: Technology and History
  • Greece: Classics in Context
  • Guatemala: Human Services Practicum
  • Gutenberg to the Web: Media’s Impact on Western Civilization
  • Hawaii: Nation or State? In Search of Hawaiian Identity
  • Holocaust Journey
  • India: Education & Development
  • India: Public Health Practicum
  • Iowa: The Trail Starts Here: The Iowa Caucuses
  • Ireland: An Introduction to its Literature, Culture & History
  • Italy: Fine Arts
  • Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa
  • New Zealand: Adventure Based Ecotourism
  • Peru: Sustainable Development: Microfinance and Agriculture (Embedded)
  • Peru: The Living Heritage of the Andes: Language, Society & Environment
  • South Africa: The Call of South Africa
  • The Sundance Film Festival Experience
  • Vietnam: Business & Culture
  • World War II in Europe: Life in a Time of War